Our company specializes in residential snow shoveling in Toronto and the GTA

Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, our company has received many questions about our GTA & Toronto driveway snow removal services. Below are some of the common questions and answers.

Question #1: What is the term of your driveway snow removal contract?
Unlike other driveway snow removal companies, we offer very affordable per season and also month to month plans. Each plan is fully customized to your needs, so you pay just for what you need.

Question #2: We are usually at work. Can your guys do snow removal when we are not at home?
Absolutely yes. That's is not a problem at all. We are very efficient and would require no supervision. We would suggest that you would be home when we do the snow removal the first time.

Question #3: What happen when it snows in the evening? And we need to go to work in the morning.
Our guys can do the work at night upon request. We just need you to talk to your neighbour so that they are ok with us doing the snow removal at night.

Question #4: How is your snow removal pricing works?
Our company offers both seasonal and monthly plans that is affordable. Our plan is fully customized for each property depending on the size and how many driveways, walkways or sidewaks you have.

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